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The purpose of this job description is to communicate the responsibilities and duties associated with the position of Assistant Community Manager. While the following information should be considered a comprehensive description of this position, it should also be noted that some responsibilities and duties might not be specifically addressed. Our company emphasizes a team approach and expects every person to perform any reasonable task or request that is consistent with fulfilling company objectives. It is imperative that you review these duties, skills and physical requirements closely and that you understand that, by signing the Job Description Acknowledgement, you are verifying that you can perform all the duties with or without reasonable accommodation and have the skills and possess the physical abilities that are necessary to perform the job as described.

The Assistant Community Manager is to assist the manager in effectively managing the assigned property. In the Community Manager’s absence, the Assistant Community Manager will assume all responsibilities associated with accomplishing property objectives as set forth by the Regional Supervisor and the property owner. In addition, the Assistant Community Manager is directly responsible for maintaining daily, weekly, and monthly reports including accurate reporting of rents and deposits received.

Hourly (non-exempt – eligible for overtime)

Conduct all business in accordance with company policies and procedures, Fair Housing, Fair Credit Reporting Act, and all other applicable federal, state and local laws.

Income Collection
• Maintains accurate resident records. Updates on a daily basis all rents, deposits and application fees received from residents. Issue appropriate notices when necessary (e.g., late payments, eviction notices, returned check memos).
• Make sure that all bank deposits are made daily and deposits are keyed into Yardi daily.
• Prepare S.O.D.A.’s in a timely manner so refunds can be prepared within time frame required.
• Prepare S.O.D.A.’s to be mailed where NO refunds are due. These are to be mailed by certified mail within time frame required.
• Prepare all computer reports for “End of Month” closing reports.

Resident Relations
• Maintains positive customer relations attitude.
• Physically inspects property when on grounds, picks up litter and reports any service needs to maintenance staff. Will also inspect move-outs and vacancies when requested.
• Assist with resident disputes regarding rent payments.

• Must be knowledgeable of all phases of leasing and resident retention.
• Works with lease renewals each month.
• Greets prospective clients, shows community and performs leasing duties as needed.
• Answers and handles incoming phone calls from prospective new residents, current residents, vendor/suppliers, etc.

• Updates required reports concerning move-outs notices, activity, etc., on a daily basis and provides information to the Community Manager.
• Organizes and files all applicable reports, leases and paperwork.
• Proofreads all lease paperwork and processes move-ins and move-outs.
• Processes all security deposit move-out reports.
• Accepts service requests from residents and routes to maintenance for
prompt processing. Conducts service follow-up with resident when work is complete.
• Prepare files for legal proceedings; keep record of court dates and times.

• Performs any additional duties assigned by Community Manager or Regional Supervisor
• Be a willing participant in any training provided on-site or off-site.
• Perform all duties of Leasing Consultant when necessary.
• Maintains a positive working relationship with all other staff members.

Position requires at least one year experience in on-site property management. Must have strong bookkeeping, organizational skills, basic computer knowledge and type 30 wpm. Position also requires ability to communicate well with all individuals, multitasking skills, and the ability to perform duties while under pressure and meet deadlines in a timely manner.

Computer Skills: Word, Excel, Outlook and Yardi or similar programs.

Office Equipment: Computer, telephone, calculator, copy machine, fax machine, and key machine, Scanner.

Work Hours: Minimum of 40 hours per week (typically 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM Monday through Friday). This schedule is subject to change in accordance with market conditions, daylight savings time and/or request of Regional Supervisor. Must be available evenings, nights and weekends for staffing needs and emergencies.

High School diploma or equivalent preferred.

Stand and walk or sit alternatively depending on specific needs of the day. Estimate 50% of time is spent on feet and 50% sitting at desk.
Have occasional need (1% to 33% of the time) to perform the following physical activities:
Bend/Stoop/Squat Pick up litter, filing
Climb Stairs Inspect and show property
Push or Pull Inspect and show property,
Open and close doors
Reach Above Shoulder Inspect property,
Store/retrieve supplies
Have frequent need (33% to 66% of the time) to perform standing and walking activities
related to inspecting and presenting property.
Constant need (66% to 100% of time) to perform the following physical activities:
Writing/Keyboarding Corporate, inter-office, resident communications
Grasping/Turning Telephone, doorknob use
Finger Dexterity Operation of office equipment
Lifting/Carrying (paperwork, deliveries, files, miscellaneous):
Over 25 lbs. Rare need (less than 1% of the time)
20 lbs. – 25 lbs. Occasional need (1% to 33% of the time)
Less than 20 lbs. Frequent need (33% to 66% of the time)
Under 10 lbs. Constant need (66% to 100% of the time)

Constant need (66% to 100% of the time) to complete forms, read and review reports and a wide variety of correspondence, view computer screen. Frequent need to see small detail and computer screens.
Frequent need (33% to 66% of the time) to see things clearly beyond arm’s reach (inspecting property and neighborhood surveys).

Constant need (66% to 100% of the time) to communicate over telephone and in person with vendors, corporate office staff and residents.

Constant need (66% to 100% of the time) to communicate over telephone and in person.

Must be able to work in a fast-paced and customer service-oriented environment.
Perform duties under pressure and meet deadlines in a timely manner.
Works as part of a team, as well as complete assignments independently.
Takes instructions from supervisors.
Exercises problem-solving skills.
Interacts with employees, residents and prospects in a professional and pleasant

Frequent need (33% to 66% of the time) to utilize personal transportation to inspect apartment property and surrounding neighborhood, make trips to the bank and also visit the Corporate/Regional office. Must have valid driver’s license and automobile insurance.

Indoors (66% to 100% of the time); frequently outdoors, all conditions (33% to 66% of
the time).
Occasional exposure to caustics, solvents, oils, fumes, flammables, pesticides, etc.
(less than 10%).

High – must be able to apply principles of logical thinking to define problems, collect pertinent data, establish facts, and draw valid conclusions and initiate appropriate course of action. Must effectively convey ideas, images and goals to a diverse group of personalities.

Learns and complies with all company safety rules.
Uses appropriate safety equipment at all times.
Must immediately report all unsafe conditions to Community Manager.
Must be familiar with all safety features or equipment, machinery, or materials encompassed by job duties.
Must check with Community Manager if there is a question as to the safe procedure to be used for any job function.

Predictable and regular attendance and ability to report to work on time are required. Employees must fulfill the performance standards of the position and comply with policies, rules and procedures of the company, including those set out in the Employee Handbook, Safety Manual or otherwise communicated (verbally or in writing) to employees.
The job description is intended to describe the general nature and work responsibilities of the position. This job description and the duties of this position are subject to change, modification and addition as deemed necessary by the company. Employees are required to comply with supervisory instructions and perform other job duties, responsibilities and assignments requested by supervisors, managers or other company officials. This job description does not constitute an employment contract between the company and any employee.
The job responsibilities of this position may include cross training in other functions or positions to ensure satisfactory operation of the department or work area. In addition, all employees are employed by PPA Real Estate Management not by any specific property. Employees may be required to transfer to other properties within a reasonable distance as dictated by business necessity.


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